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I live in a suburban neighborhood on a well kept block.  Recently 2 of the homes near me have become available though they are not on the market.  The 1st house has  been paid off for years.  The owner purchased the home from his parents in 1990 for $1.  He was just found deceased in that home about 2 weeks ago.  His car is still in the driveway, the home is vacant and I don't know what happens to the home or how it can be purchased from someone else.  The deceased owner was not clean at all so the house will be a complete gut job.  The other home still has a mortgage.  The husband a nd wife split with the husband leaving over a year ago.  The wife recently just walked away from the house.  She never  put the home on the market.  Literally walked away.  I'm assuming  it may be in either pre-foreclosure or foreclosure.  What is the best way to get this information to a buyer who can do something with these homes (and make a profit at the same time)????

Hey Danielle,

You should try to reach out to the owner and find out more about the situation. You can try to leave your contact info in by their door for them to contact you. You can check the city assessor's website and see if they have a different mailing address you can send a letter to. If you know their names, you can even try a skip trace to find their phone number. Hope this helps!

@Danielle Knight In the case with the dead guy, you might want to speak to a probate attorney.  In PA there is a law on the books which allows you to apply to have the court appoint you the owner of a property provided that there are no heirs.  If there are heirs, then you might was to skip trace them and see what they want for their interest in the property.  IT will still have to go through probate but you might be able to walk into a great deal.  

The second case is not uncommon   You need to get  a hold of both parties and negotiate with them so see what each wants for their interest in the home.  This can be tricky as divorced people will sometimes hold out on a deal just out of spite.  On the other hand, you can get people to give you their interest via quit claim deed for free sometimes. First step is to locate the owners.  The county should have info, as will the neighbors.  

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