Cost/Referrals - Splitting hot water & gas utilities on a duplex

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I just recently purchased a two-family home with just electricity being paid by tenants. I am looking to split the hot water and gas utilities to be paid by tenants, too. I have one furnace and one water tank and I think I have more than enough space to fit a second of both. Any idea how much this would cost? Steps? Advice on whether I need a second furnace at all or not? Any referrals?

I'm in the same boat as you, actually. 2 Family in Newark - looking to split the heat/hot water utilities. Any info would be appreciated!

Hi Edward / Shadman

If you are going to split the hot water and heat, you will have to run new pipe to the unit you want to split. "very costly" . 


On the duplexes I own I have one water main that runs into the basement of the property. From there it splits off to two water heaters. Both the 1st floor and 2nd floor have their own water heaters that they pay electric for. I keep the water in my name and charge the tenants a reasonable water fee. As for the furnace, have you considered equipping one of the units with baseboard heat? This could get costly as Ray mentioned. However, with my duplexes both of the units were stripped down to the studs so pipes and wires were easily run. If your building is occupied and generating cash flow you may want to consider not making this major renovation could it will get expensive and could potentially upset the tenants. 

On units I have that can't be split between 1st and 2nd floor I hold onto the utility bills and charge the tenants a fee for usage. I'd caution against this if you don't have to do it because tenants could take advantage and use more than needed, leave appliances running non stop, etc. and that means money out of your pocket.

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