Architect and 203k contractor recommendations in Newark, NJ

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Hi New Jersey BiggerPockets Family!

I am quickly moving through the process of closing on my first deal (I'm super excited) but I need help identifying some good architects and 203k contractors that I can contact for rehab work I plan to do on the home that I am purchasing. The home is located in Newark, NJ (Forest Hills) section. If you have recommendations for highly reputable architects that do residential work in Newark or Northern New Jersey please feel free to share the info. If you have info for highly reputable 203k contractors I would appreciate that as well.



Hey Tolani I just finished buying a three family house in Belleville NJ and I’m using a contractor called HiTek construction. His name is Willie

@Tolani Onigbanjo I have used Bobby Cozzarelli for my belleville house for my architect. Tell him I sent you. He's a smart and really nice guy. He's been in the business over a decade. As far as 203k contractors, I'd recommend asking your mortgage guy as they typically would have a guy they work with.

@Johnathan Boyle any recommendations for investor friendly GC's who work in Northern NJ (capable of ground up single family construction projects)?

@Ben C. I only know of one who typically looks for equity in the renovation since he is well known and does great work. I'm using him with a buy and hold we are doing. His name is Joey Chan. He's typically in a lot of meetup events by Nick Tang. He's a great guy. Tell him I sent you or message me for his number. 

@Johnathan Boyle Maybe I can be of help should you so choose.
Message me.

Joel Silberstein

@Joel S. Please private message me your company name, email and phone number. Thank you

@Joel S. please private message me. I'm always interested to speak to other GCs. Thanks. 

I’m still trying to figure out how to PM. 

I work on the iPhone with the  BPP app.

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