Need Mold Specialist in Hudson County

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Hi BP Members! 

I just finished getting a MFR inspected and discovered some mold in the basement and utility room only. Before I make a decision on proceeding or not with the home, I would like a Mold Specialist to come with me next week to evaluate the severity of the mold, how it can be fixed and what the approximate cost would be. This would help me in my decision and/or negotiation of the purchase of this property. I need to find this person ASAP however as I would still like this to be done within my inspection timeframe.

The property is newly renovated and has been on the market for several months and we are concerned as there is already mold developing along the baseboards in the basement and drywall in the utility room (also basement level). I have inserted image examples below. The inspector does not believe there is any flooding as the hardwood floors are not cupping, but rather that it could be condensation or some level of leaking. He is not sure though as this is a newly renovated property.

Any advice or experience you may have would be very much appreciated!

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I would be more concerned about the cause of mold given that it was newly renovated. you never know what's behind the drywall. basement moisture/leakage issue can cost a lot to fix especially it has been already finished. Also make sure that there was a permit pulled to finish the basement.

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