Free method for doing title search and checking liens/back taxes?

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@Neal Collins all that information in the app is made available through your company? I am going to assume you need corporate credentials to log in and use it? 

Also is there any way to find out if properties are owned free and clear? I tried using this website, it shows tax history and on random properties who has owned it and when it last sold, but it is hit and miss.

@Daniel Gonzalez You don't need corporate credentials, but you do need to get a sales rep to create an account for you. If you don't have a relationship with an escrow company sales rep yet, then put that at the top of your list. This is definitely someone whose sole job it is to give you tools and resources to help your business. In return they would like you to close your transactions with them. 

As a previous poster mentioned, this is not an app that can do title abstracting to research the chain of title. We leave this up to the title company and typically opt for title insurance.

good to know @Neal Collins appreciate the response. Just another thing I'll add to the list. 

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