Tax Delinquent within NJ

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I live in central Jersey and i wanna know the process of obtaining tax delinquent list withing the central Jersey area. Anything will help?

Are you looking for pre tax lien auction or post tax lien auction?

@Eric Waterman what would be the process for both ? Also what's the difference as well ?

well in NJ we are a tax lien state. Once a homeowner gets behind on their property taxes the county wants their money so they will auction off the back taxes in the form of a lien. Once auctioned off, the homeowner has 2 years to redeem the lien, or pay it off plus whatever interest is owed to the investor.  If they don’t redeem within 2 years the Investor has the right to foreclose on the homeowner. That happens only about 5% of the time. I had been focusing on mailing the homeowners within that 2 year window. I know Monmouth County has a terrific OPRS website that you can find all the tax lien certificates issued. It’s very easy to use.  I would cross check the certs with any redemptions and any unredeemed cert was added to my list. I don’t know about middlesex county, but you could google middlesex county OPRS.

with respect to tax delinquent prior to auction, I never did that. It may vary from town to town. I know Howell publishes its tax lien auction list in the asbury park press once or twice a year. You may need to call the towns you are targeting and ask. I know there are services out there that offer lists of tax delinquent properties for a fee. I have never used them so I can’t speak to the quality or accuracy.

@Eric Waterman Eric, for Camden County, how should I go about reaching out to homeowners within that 2 year redemption window in NJ? 

just want to understand...are we talking about finding the people within the window or the marketing method in which connect to these people?

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