Getting PSEG to turn gas on from the curb

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Hey everyone, wondering if anyone had inspections done by pseg for converting to gas heating.  I did not know that, only after we tried to turn our new hvac system on, we notice it was turned off from the curb.  Was told by pseg agent to fill form and wait for inspection, and in case i needed bigger gas pipes/ new meter i may have to pay; afterwards they'll turn gas on.  Anyone know how long it usually takes for inspection and new pipes(hopefully not)?  Just worried it'll delay our listing.  And the expense if it comes to replacing the pipes.  Any information be appreciated, especially if you dealt with pseg in south jersey area. 

Hi @Darshan Patel I was in a similar situation. We need to have the gas turned on from the curb in order to do a pressure test on a HUD property we were closing on. It was a long process. Gas in through the construction office, a separate office from electric. To even come out and do the initial inspection had a 6-8 week time frame.

We were able to expedite the process by doing a lot of the leg work ourselves. I wrote a whole blog post on this and will PM you a link.

Hope it helps!

Thanks again @Lauren C.   and your site is awesome, give details that relates to my properties in nj.  

@Darshan Patel Glad to hear it was helpful! Feel free to reach out with any questions. Best of luck!

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