Where do you buy cabinets from in the Northern NJ Area

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Hello NJ Biggerpockets family, 

Looking for cabinets for cabinets for a flip in the Watchung/Gillette area in Union county. Any recommendations? Thank you in advance for helping out. 


Second the vote for Regal. They are the best!

@Patrice Penda and @Herschel B. thanks for the quick suggestions. Other's please send a few more as I would like to compare prices. I forgot to mention in my post earlier, where do folks purchase granite in the area? 

We use The Granite Tops in Roselle, NJ

Chen Depot on Tonnelle in JC

Not ideal for a flip but if you have flexibility on layout you can sometimes find a deal on recycled showroom cabinets at greendemolitions in fairfield. Check the website they list current for sale kitchens.

@Antonio Pantano thanks for the heads up on "The Granite Tops" will check them out

@Tania Patch Chen Depot for granite or cabinets?

@Colleen F.   greendemolitions looks like a great find. Will def check them out

@Zain B.  Try habitat for humanity in Paterson No, they are technically located in the Wayne area. They do new cabinets and all you need is your kitchen layout. You can also call them to arrange an appointment. 

Try Kitchen Cabs Direct, in Clifton. Ask for Glen, He is easy to work with, and can assist based on budget and project type.  

I like https://www.kitchencabinetdepot.com/ it is delivered Ready to Assemble but solid wood, good Quality, and good prices. But that's just my opinion. I believe they are based out of NY but shipping is free over 1500 anyway.

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