Lease Renewal New Jersey

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Hello! Am I better off doing a quick 1 page renewal form which states everything from previous lease agreement stays in effect and allows me to increase rent or should I have each Tenant sign a full new  lease?

I Have always did a full new lease but now having more and more units this is very time change consuming.

I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

Great question Sean, I've always done a full lease renewal with my NJ properties. Curious if anybody has found a shortcut for renewals as well.

Hello Chris..I have found 1-2 page documents online for keeping the existing terms of old lease in place, but allow you to increase price and renew for another year.

I usually advise clients use a special renewal agreement for leases.  Typically this is a one-two page form outlining the new price and keeping other conditions of the original lease in place.  The right option mostly depends on your specific goals.

1 page addendum to original lease, outlining any changes and stating all other terms and conditions of original lease (state property and date originally signed) signed by all parties will suffice.