Septic Installers Suggestions? Hunterdon County.

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Hi All,

Does anyone have any recommendations for Septic System installers in or around Hunterdon County, NJ. Most of the county is on Septic and i have a sizable system to price out. 

Thanks in Advance!!

KDP Septic based in Phillipsburg is excellent, they put in a complicated 50K system for us in East Amwell Township in the dead of winter this year (high water table on property so needed pump up leech field system, ground was frozen, they have all the heavy equipment needed for something like this). Kevin and Dave are personable, detail oriented and got the job done to everyone's satisfaction. Highly recommended. (908)213-1570. They do property development also so they are used to working with investors/developers.

@Victoria Ghafoor - I have my first property under contract, unfortunately its taking forever due to septic issues, engineers and the sellers estate..  Triplex (two structures) with a large foot print. Plan is the standard house hack and renovate. Rinse and repeat.  

It's taking a while but we'll get there. 

A young country preacher was about to handle his first graveside funeral. He got lost on the way and was running way late. He noticed a couple workers in a field near a backhoe and a fresh hole in the ground.  The young preacher figured he missed the burial and felt obligated to still say a few words along with a short prayer.  One of the workers told his buddy "I've placed septic tanks my whole life, but never had someone care that much about one"