Buying a flip house with lead based paint?

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Saw a listing for a 3 bedroom property that appears to be in pretty rough shape, including lead based paint. Does anyone have any tips / experience in dealing with lead based paint in a NJ flip? I'm looking for info on how much it would cost to have this properly addressed by a professional. Thanks in advance!

Any house built before 1978 has lead based paint in it.

It would just need to be scraped and repainted in most instances. 

Ben, I'm not aware of requirements in NJ that you have to use a certified LBP remediation company. But you should check with the Township to see whether they have specific requirements, like a permit. Here are some guidelines in terms of doing it yourself.

You'll need to complete the Lead-Based Paint Disclosure when you're ready to sell, which your Realtor should provide to you.

Thx, Dan