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Hello all, I currently have a property under contract that I am looking to get estimates for. It will be an add-a-level project. Any recommendations for good, reliable, and reasonably priced GC’s that your have worked with would be greatly appreciated. TIA

@Ruel Baliong Congrats on attaining your property. I use a handyman who is great at simple things like flooring, paint, bathroom remodel, even plumbing etc if you would like his info would be happy to provide it.  GL on finding someone for the extra level construct. 

Hi Ruel,

Congrats on your first find! I hope you have done your ARV and rehab costs correct. I did a flip in Baltimore where we raised roof to make a large open space. Added lot of sq.ft. to the house. House was in nice area and was finished really nice and it was done with all my $. Had a hard time to sell it due to my partner listing it really high and then quickly dropping the prices which I guess made people think, let's just wait until it drops no more and needless to say there was hardly any return to talk about even though there was no debt service involved.

May be your experience will be different but be careful!

Hi Reul, congratulations on getting the property under contract, now the hard work begins :)

We have 2 new constructions close to completion in Jersey City and have worked with our General Contractor - ALM Developers. Happy to share contact information if you'd like.


@Antonio Porta . Thanks. I would love to get that information from you. Especially if its somebody that you have used and can vouch for their work. Not sure if you want to share it publicly, but if you can just pm me the info, I would appreciate it. 

@Ronak Shah   We just got our offer accepted. So we want a clear $$ amount from GC's to determine if we want to pursue this project. Thanks for the warning though. Sorry about your deal in Baltimore, but I'm in the mindset of "there's never loses, just lessons". So to me, as long as you didn't lose money, you got a better understanding of the process and what could be corrected. But I do appreciate the heads up, we will definitely run our numbers. 

@Namit S. WOW, nice bro. 2 new constructions in Jersey City none the less. Congrats. Would love a contact person whom I can reach out to get an estimate next week. Thanks