Bay St station Montclair NJ

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Hi! My name is Arlene, my husband and I currently have properties in Jersey City. We are looking to expand our portfolio and we’re looking into the Bay st train station area of Montclair NJ and wondering what other investors think of the area. Reading previous forums, I see there are discussions of how the neighborhood isn’t the most ideal. Granted these forum posts are about 3 years old, is that enough time for the neighborhood to turn over or at least improve? Looking to house hack, but worried for safety concerns. With new luxury condos coming up there must be potential in the area, right? 

Thanks in advance for any advice! We really appreciate it! 

Montclair is a great town but its really hard to find properties cheap enough to make the numbers work on a buy and hold. That being said, that corner of Montclair is probably one of the only areas where you could find such a property. Its not the prettiest area but its still safer and more stable than a lot of the areas down the line in the Oranges and Newark. If you can find a deal that works over there i think its great but i think the city has a certain "cachet" that keeps the prices up making it very hard to find a deal that works. I hope you find something there. Good luck!