New Jersey Investor Agent Structured Brokerage

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I recently passed my NJ exam and vetting a short list of brokers I had in mind to hang my license with. My goal with the license was to open up more opportunity for myself from an investment standpoint and also control the process, access properties, make offers etc. 

My desire is to be connected to a broker or team that is very active in investing and I would be able to expand and grow my knowledge and activity further from the environment that is in place.  Any recommendations are appreciated, I am in Morris County Parsippany/Morristown area.


First off, congratulations on earning your license!  You're certainty going to have a leg up now with the wealth of information available at your fingertips.  As far as investor-agent structured brokerages, you'll find that within every brokerage are teams and information available to you to assist in your pursuit.  My advice, do your homework and meet with every brokerage you're considering.  Really focus on what's important to you, and make sure whomever you choose to hang your license with will support your goals.  DM me if you've got any more questions.

PS-my office is in Morristown if you'd like to grab lunch Friday and pick my brain.

@George Bittar congratulations!

In regards to brokerages, do you have plans to do agent work? Showings, listings etc?

Not all brokerages are investor friendly. I joined Silver + Oak because almost everyone in our brokerage is invester minded. One of the partners of this company is an active flipper, and theres a lot i learned from him. You may want to find somewhere that have people you can learn from if your focusIng on investing. Good luck!

Congratulations on getting your license. My wife and I are currently investors and are looking to get our licenses by the end of the year. keep up the good work.