GC Recommendations in Somerset/Union/Morris Counties NJ

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Hello BP! I'm diving into a potentially 100k+ rehab project in Central NJ (Bridgewater area) and would like to leverage some of your positive GC experiences to give this opportunity a high-percentage chance of success. This is your chance to show your GC's some love and send them some extra business for the fall/winter months (and also help out a newbie in the process), so I'd really appreciate whatever help you guys can provide.

As always, thank you BP for your continued help with my budding REI adventure!

@mike teri .. im a GC/flipper in the bridgewater area. I would toot my own horn but I let my work speak for itself. We are curtently flipping a 5 bed 3 bath house in Bridgewater. Feel free to reach out and your more than welcome to take a tour of my project.