New York Giants tight end/real estate investor new to the area

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My name is Hakeem Valles and I am a new Tight End for the New York Football Giants. I have been investing in real estate for seven years now primarily focusing on repositioning value-add Multifamily communities.  Being new to the area, I would love to connect with any investors in the area that are also focusing on this niche! 

Hakeem Valles

As an Eagles fan, let me first say that the Giants are garbage and I wish you nothing but losses for the entirety of your career. :)

Just kidding, welcome aboard! Hope the Big Apple is treating you well. Are you investing near the team's facilities in NJ or elsewhere?

Hahaha. Growing up in south Jersey (sicklerville) I know what it’s like to bleed green and white so no harm haha. 

And no, when I was in college @ Monmouth University I flipped ten houses up here in Essex County. I currently have properties in Phoenix and in Detroit from when  I previously played with the cardinals and and the lions. I’ve only been back in jersey for two weeks now and just had a newborn! 

But we are finally getting settled and I’m ready to see what the multifamily market is like in the surrounding area. 

Nice! Having units in each of the previous cities is a great way to diversify! 

@Hakeem Valles - You should get connect with @Darren Sager . He runs the BiggerPockets meetup in the NYC area. If you ever come back down to Sicklerville to there's a group of BiggerPockets folks in South Jersey who get together just about every month as well.  @Justin Eaton usually coordinates those

@Hakeem Valles .  I agree with @James Masotti regarding connecting with @Darren Sager .  I have not attended a NYC meet up but have heard good things.  I'm not sure if you're willing to cross rivalry lines but Brandon Copeland of the New York Jets (LB) is also a real estate investor who I think does flips.  I also hear he will be teaching a financial literacy course at UPENN in the offseason.  It may be worthwhile to connect with him for the obvious NFL/Real Estate Investor relationship.

Welcome back to NJ AND BP  @Hakeem Valles you’re going to love being a part of this community. There’s so much information,education, networking and support. It’s so cool to hear that a player from my husband’s favorite team is “one of us 👍🏾“. I look forward to connecting with you. 


@Hakeem Valles Good for you.  Most professional athletes don't think about the future and sounds like you are the exception.  Good luck with your Realestate business and your new child.  

Hey @Hakeem Valles I'm also a multifamily investor, and I live near New Brunswick, not too far from you. I also run a meetup in Princeton, NJ, so we should definitely connect. I'll send you a PM. Welcome to BP and NJ!

@Hakeem Valles ,

Wish you could have stayed with the Lions, let's just say TE is not our strong suit right now, but cool you already invested in Detroit. If you looking to invest again in Detroit or Metro Detroit, I know some good people who do Multi Family Syndication. 

Would like to hear how you flipped 10 properties while in college...

@Hakeem Valles glad to see you like the Phoenix area as well. We just closed on a 16 unit multifamily in Chandler last month. Always looking to add to the team!

@Hakeem Valles : welcome to the giants team. I am a big fan and my son is even a bigger fan :)

I would love to connect with you in the city. Will send you a PM.

@Hakeem Valles Live in Brooklyn and work in Jericho, NY on Long Island. We buy primarily Multifamily value-add in the southeast and midwest. Would love to connect sometime if you're interested!

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As an Eagles fan, let me first say that the Giants...aww man someone already beat me to it. Well in any event congrats on the new baby! So you're a professional NFL player, with a newborn who is also trying to maintain a real estate career...way to underachieve at life! Seriously though, welcome to the website, hopefully you can make your way out to one of the meetups in the area!

@James Masotti I definitely will get with @Darren Sager about checking out the NYC meetup ! Thanks for that. And as for Sicklerville, my parents are still living there and I plan on spending a lot of time there this offseason so I will definitely check out the one in Sicklerville as well !

@Gwyeth Smith I’m excited to check one of those out! And as for B Cope we actually played together in Detroit and are really good friends. We plan on working together on projects in the future together.  I actually attended high school at the Peddie School with his wife ! 

@Peter T. When I was in college I majored in business with a concentration in real estate.  The girl I was dating at the time was a newbie House flipper.  Essentially he took me under his wing as a mentee and together we flipped 10 houses. It helped that his cousins was a contractor. I started out doing manual labor knocking down walls And stuff.  As the relationship progressed so did my responsibilities, I was knocking on doors on houses that were in preforeclosure, going to auctions at the county courthouse, and I was putting in offers by my lonesome all while playing division one football and getting my degree.  Everything was awesome for about three years until me and his daughter broke up as did our partnership.  

@David Lilley that’s awesome. I love the Chandler area! I will be sending over a PM shortly!

@Odie Ayaga Hahahah I appreciate that ! and I’m forsure going make one of these meetups within the month!

@Bob B. thanks Bob I appreciate that ! 

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