Looking to connect with investors in Belmar / Red Bank

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Hi All,

Looking to purchase a primary residence (two family) shortly and would like to speak with investors active in the Belmar / Red Bank / Asbury Markets. Thanks in advance and don't be shy ;-)

Originally posted by @Aida Rios :

Hi, I am an Investor active in those areas. 

 Hi Aida,

I sent you a PM. Thanks!

@Cody Z. Hey I am currently house hacking up in rahway but my team and I are very active in the Red Bank area. If you have any questions about Red Bank or house hacking, I might be able to help. 

Originally posted by @Sue Z. :

Hi @Cody Z. , I am a local investor in that area.  There's a good monthly meetup in Belmar if you're interested.  Usually a good presenter and interesting attendees.

@Sue Z. do you know when and where the next meetup in belmar is? I am very interested in attending.

Originally posted by @Sue Z. :

@Cody Z. it was great to meet you last night!  @Tyler Burton sorry I missed you; next time!

 It was great meeting you too Sue. Tyler, it was a pleasure meeting you as well.

Great meetup in Belmar for any that didn't attend and are looking for a good place to network.