South Jersey, Philly, or Delaware?

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I visited Philly for student housing in the late spring. happened to make the wrong turn at camden NJ. That place made me scared or nervous. I won't buy there.

Philly student housing is very tricky. The old ones you will have tons of maintenance issue. The brand new ones are not cheap any more, plus the new one is not in the best location for student housing although you could rent to students

Tough call. Good deals are not on MLS you will need a realtor who specializes in it.

At the last I did not buy that new THs. It could work, yet making illegal bedrooms on main floor makes me nervous, Plus philly requires rent license or permit. 

I believe there are better deals in student housing somewhere else yet it is hard to beat philly location.

I just put contract for 2 student housing; if it goes through I will post on forum.

I personally feel there are still good room in Phily for upside; For cash flow, not bad yet not great. 

@Eric Luzier Hi, I passed by candem NJ by mistake. I personally would not invest in democrats controlled states, in that case the landlord rights is low or none. In Metro DC, VA is the best, DC is the worst, MD is in the middle still not as landlord friendly as VA. Lots of people still own properties in MD though.

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