Anyone know about rental market in Trenton?

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Not at all familiar with the Trenton rental market but there is currently an interesting Multi Family deal available that I'd like to review further. Considering my non existing knowledge of Trenton, would anyone be able to please advise if they have any experience in that area, specifically Stuyvesant/Prospect neighborhood. Or recommend a good realtor around there? Thank you! 

At one time, I worked for a lender with loans on Trenton investment properties. I was introduced to this company. Trenton's Rental Management and Investors Services. Perhaps he can give you some local insights. I have no relationship to this company, so this is not an ad.

i am  very familiar with the  Trenton area and would recommend  not buying in that part of the town there are some decent areas though love to talk about some properties i have been looking at

@Helen M Leyzerovich

While I am not actively engaged in the area, I do have access to data, which corroborates @Joshua Braskett 's firsthand information.

Home values have fallen in the Stuyvesant-Prospect neighborhood and so has the population. 

The population is rather rent burdened, with a rent to income ratio of 37%

Both rent to price (1% rule) and cap rates have increased, which at first glance is good, but the reality is increased returns are reflective of the increasing perceived risk of investing here. 

Both SNAPS (Food Stamps) and poverty rates are very high.

Lastly, the percentage of college educated adults has increase. This one is obviously good but overshadowed by the other negative aspects of the area

Below are graphics showing the trends for the metrics discussed above 

Data is from the American Community Survey  

Hope this helps! 

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