Newbie new York, new Jersey

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My name is Robert and I am currently looking to invest in rental proporties in the NY,NJ area. I am very handy and have great customer service skills. I am willing to invest my time with established investors whether that be helping clean out a unit, fix units, or give cold call or any other way I can help with in the realestate investing busines. In return I'm looking for your knowledge and experience to help further mines. 

Welcome and good luck on your real estate journey. It may be helpful to attend any real estate meetups in your area in order to meet more people face to face and expand your potential network.

You want to get that profile filled out on BP so that people can evaluate what skills you have that may assist them. It helps if they know where you live, what markets you are interested in (NY/NJ is big), what special skills (more than what you put above) you have backed by your personal experience.

@Robert Matos welcome to BP! In addition to going to meet ups and speaking with as many investors and industry professionals as you can face to face. You may want to place a photo on your avatar on BP and reach out to local investors via call, email or dm to offer your services. Remember you can't boil the ocean, you should have a general plan and an area of focus for your Real Estate career if you don't already.