North NJ Broker Recommendations

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Hi BP! I am in the process of vetting brokers in North Jersey, specifically Essex County, as a full-time agent. I plan to join a supportive team with strong mentorship and accountability. Extremely interested in real estate investing, I would like to partner with individuals who have investing experience they are willing to share.  

I am actively interviewing, and cannot wait to partner with a team.  Thanks in advance!

There are a lot of great teams and companies in the area make sure like you mentioned there is strong mentorship and great training. Another thing i find very important is the vibe in the office so what you should do is while interviewing see if you can join few class or meetings with some of your favorite interviews.That was you can see what the office vibe is like and see if you fit there. I would love to recommend my office i love it here but that may sound biased so i am not going to mention my company. But good luck with your search!

Hello @Darcy Reynolds make sure that when you go into these interviews you're interviewing the brokerage just like they are interviewing you. Brokerages are going to promise you the world, and most won't deliver, people who try to recruit you will do so to help you, but often they will try to help themselves as they can profit from bringing you into the agency and or by being paid a percentage of your sales by the broker. Be sure to get a clear understanding of what you will be charged for holding your license at a brokerage, transaction fees, royalty fees etc (some brokerages even charge you for a workspace or color copies) and what type of training they are going to offer you specifically.