passed state real estate exam and can't to find sponsor ?

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In January I passed My NJ Real estate Exam, but I am having a hard time finding brokers who are willing to speak with me. I don't have any prior selling experience, and I'm sure that is hurting my chances. How do I get my foot in the door somewhere or at least get a response?

Hey @Sherif Zayed .  I'm surprised by that.  Usually, brokerages are always looking for more agents, that is how they make their money.  If they are smaller and don't have the resources to train a new agent, that might be the case. 

I would reach out to larger brokerages.  I'm with Keller Williams and love it.  They have a great training program and systems.  

I am definitely surprised to hear that. Most brokerages will hire any warm body with a license, regardless of experience.

I am so grateful to BiggerPockets and the overwhelming support which I have received in just couple of hours from colleagues from around the country , Thank you all for all your advises and recommendations. It seems that it is my lucky day that I have received an actual call as well from a local and I shall meet with him next week , but will definitely stay in touch with each and every one of you friends. Thanks again and you all have a blessed day.

@Sherif Zayed I’ve been a little worried about this myself. I’m nearly done with my RE course. I won’t be working as an Agent and I’m really only getting licensed just to be a better informed and knowledgeable investor. I know it’s not needed, but schooling and licensing is cheap so why not. My worry is, since I have no plans on working for the broker, they won’t be interested in letting me hang my license with them.

Best of luck in finding a broker!