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Please do NOT spend your money with this "Home Warranty" company. As a new customer to Select Home Warranty I am very disappointed and upset that I spent my money purchasing a policy with this company. This company has reimbursement issues, "hidden" probation periods of service, unexpected costs issues, misleading and lack of information when speaking with personnel, as well as poor communication when being transferred to different departments. In any "emergency" repair situation Select Home Warranty is NOT the company to call. Heaven forbid if there is a leak or plumbing issue in your home, you would have an entire swimming pool in your home before Select Home Warranty would send someone over to repair, IF they actually felt like taking the time out of their busy schedules to find a plumbing service nearest to you. Their "reimbursement" is a joke. They will ask for invoices indicating the service that was performed (that you pay for AFTER you pay for the policy) and will give you a refund of only $150. If anyone wanted to pay $300 - $500 for a home repair, then a home warranty policy wouldn't be needed. Long story short, I felt like I had been duped, and wish that I had read more reviews about Select Home Warranty company before I signed up with this circus. One pro to this company is that they have a hell of a sales team, because the person that sold me the policy did a great job of selling the paper that the policy documents were printed on, and an excellent job at concealing what a fraud Select Home Warranty company really is.

If Theyll reimburse you $150 take it and run. Most home warranty companies I've ever seen send their own "contractors"  who are usually unlicensed or drunks and do shady work. They don't exactly tend to want to pay for quaility contractors.