Woodbridge, NJ Variance

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Hello all, 

I am trying to get a use variance on a piece of vacant land.  I foreclosed on the property via a tax sale in NJ.  It is currently zoned as commercial and has been zoned as commercial as part of a commercial re-development zone since 2008. Obviously, this land is not in demand for commercial purposes.  It is a 60 x 100 lot that is surrounded by residential properties on two sides.  The other side is vacant land.  I am trying to get it re-zoned to residential as this is the most logical.  

Has anyone have success in getting a property rezoned in Woodbridge, NJ or in the State of NJ?  I appreciate any advice or pointers you can share.

@Joe Martella

Hi Joe, I’ve been involved in land use matters similar to yours, albeit in other parts of New Jersey. Your issue is usually resolved by either (i) rezoning the property or (ii) applying for a use variance to permit a residential use in a commercial zone. The specifics of the deal and the appetite of the municipality usually dictate which path is best. Glad to talk more about the project.