New Jersey Real Estate License School Recommendations

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Greetings everyone,

I am moving to New Jersey in the next few months (after living there practically my whole life) and I wanted to get my real estate license for the state. Does anyone have any recommendations for which school/course I take? Any personal experiences worth mentioning about your times with those schools?

I appreciate any advice!

Great time to get licenses in NJ. We finally allow agents to take classes online.  When I fist got my license I had to show up to a class every night for a few weeks... Lots of classes being offered right now, I would check google to see which works best for you.  Most of the feed back I get seems to tell a similar story.  I think most of the classes are the same just really which one will work best for your schedule. 

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@Sean Prato I used eco real estate - online night classes were important. Answers to the tests they provided can be found online, not the best though to just rely on the class for the state exam from my experience. You would have to do self studying for sure. 

Thank you all for your suggestions! I started my pre-licensing course on Monday and will be done next Friday. 

I'm excited to get started in this career!

Late to the thread, but congrats on starting and good luck!

If you are in need of an agency - let me know!  KeyVest specializes in investment real estate and we provide the necessary training and leads to help you get started, if needed.

We used Aceable Agent (Real Estate Salesperson) & Real Estate Express (Broker) for our and our agent's licensing.  I have a coupon code for both if you or anyone else needs.  A++ for both.