I've got a friend with a house in the boonies - mailing address is Jemez Springs, but it's actually about 10 miles north of Jemez Springs, NM 20 miles west of Los Alamos, NM.

He really needs to get rid of it.  No idea of the worth of this, but his mortgage is $155K.  None of the regular sites (zillow, trulia or redfin) even know about this place as they can't find it.

PM me for the address.

I understand the possibilities of AirBNB, subject-to deals, etc as theory, so I'm not looking for theoretical solutions.  I'm looking for people who know this area and can help out with either getting this place sold or figuring out if it's viable as a subject-to, AirBNB, etc.  

It's losing money as a traditional rental, he has a crapton of deferred passive losses locked up in this thing and it just really needs to get gone.