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Are there any meet up for CNYers?  Anybody interested in organizing one somewhere between Utica and Syracuse?

hey Bradford,

I have not attended it yet but there is group in CNY. Their website is reicny.org and they meet once a month at a Denny's up off of South Bay Rd. I tried to make the last meeting in February but got tied up. I plan on attending in March to check it out.

I am a member of the OREIC. We meet the second Wednesday of every month at the Denny's in North Syracuse, Typical attendance is 30-40 people. I usually do not attend every meeting but I do try and make the ones with topics I'm concerned with. The club is moving in the direction of education on fix and flips as we have several seasoned investors and the market here in Syracuse is becoming more suited for flippers such as myself. We do cover Buy and Hold strategies as well due to that being the main objective of the majority of the investors that attend. First time is free and then 25$ every time after or 10$ for members. It's 100$ to become a member. Utica also has a pretty good club organized from what i have heard however I have never attended. I recommend attending the meeting in Syracuse. Great networking and decent educational info. We often have guest speakers that help educate on laws and taxes as well as some political figures.

Hope this helped!

Christopher Meaker

Hey there!

There is a small group that meets monthly in New Hatford. I can get you the details, the organizer's name is Jerry Green.

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