Looking to Form REIA in Upstate New York

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Hello everyone,

I am looking to form a REIA in the Plattsburgh NY/ Adirondack Area. I have noticed that the closest REIA to my area is In Rochester NY.

If there is anyone interested or would have any pointers on how to do this that would be great.


How far away from the Rocheter REIA are you? I met the leader of that club at one point and as I recall its a decent club.

If you are too far away, then google is your best option, followed by looking for Meetup groups  It is possible that there is no group near you.  In that case, you should seriously consider starting one.  It can start as a small networking group and let it grow organically.

If you are looking for educational material, then I can help. My REIA in Pittsburgh produces a newsletter full of edu content, as do a lot of other REIA's. You can sign up for as many newsletters as you wish.

I hope that helps


Ps My reia URL is my signature

@Josh Caldwell

I am about 4 hours upstate from there. You literally can't go any further upstate then Where I live without going to Vermont or Canada!

I have not heard of many local investors in my area but I am going to do some advertising to see if there any takers.

Thanks for the great advice and I will look into your newsletter!

Eric LaPierre


Have you looked at any of the towns in VT?  Maybe there is one across the state line from you? 

On a good note, if you start the group then you become the de facto networkign hub.  You will also notice that all events happen at a time and place of your choosing.  There are some advantages. 

To your success


@Eric LaPierre

There is a club in Burlington VT.  I know it takes a while to get there, but it's a great excuse to use the ferry in the summer :) Check in with @Anthony Micklus for the Burlington area REIA.

Plattsburgh should have some good properties.  It is a college town and there are a fair number of MFH in the area.

thanks @Aaron Montague

I have already connected with him but thank you for the tip! 


I am in terested in Plattsburgh area and going North to the Boarder.

I would like ot be part of a meet up group occasionally as I grow as an investor.

Best regards


@Eric LaPierre there is also a group in Albany called action investors network and in Syracuse called REICNY.   

Hello Eric,

My name is Teresa and I'm the President of REIA of NYC. You are a brave and courageous soul to want to own/run a real estate association! It can get a bit crazy but overall, very rewarding and beneficial to not only my own investment companies but it gives me an overwhelmingly amount of gratitude to help others that join my groups and watch them succeed! I'd like to answer any questions you may have! I am very experienced in this arena and I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind Regards,

Hi @Eric LaPierre ,

I'm relatively new to BP and originally from Canton, NY. I'm also interested in areas throughout the ADKs and Plattsburgh. Just wondering if you had set up a REIA in Plattsburgh or if you had been attending others in cities like Burlington or Albany. I'd be interested to hear what you think of the REI opportunities in Plattsburgh.



Hi! I believe there are meetings in Utica and Syracuse. I know there is one in Albany, but that may be too far for you. Let me know if you would like any info. And good luck if you begin one yourself. I know it will force you to learn and grow as an investor, and that certainly is not a bad thing. Sounds pretty exciting!

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