Northern New York investing flipping and rentals

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I live in a condo in Long Beach NY , I work in the city and moving up North to settle down plus Long Island traffic and commuting is crazy ! Anyone from an hour and a half north of Manhattan actively investing or just any general thoughts on the area ?

area is great I'm about an hour away from the city theres a few things that are done a bit different around here but nothing major you will like the possibilities here

school districts are gonna play a huge roll in investing they can go from great to horrible in a 3 min drive

Good to know , what type of things may be done differently ? @John Oitice 

I grew up in Bayshore, taught in Brentwood and moved up to Poughkeepsie 10 years ago. I have flipped in Putnam and I have a handful of rentals in dutchess. It's much different, much more affordable, lots of colleges and the people I met are very helpful.  If you would like to tour the area, reach out. I would be glad to show you Poughkeepsie and surrounding area.  

@Dennis Kelly when you say "anyone from an hour and a half north of Manhattan" is that as far north as you're talking about? The reason I ask is because I'm a little over an hour north of Syracuse, but I imagine that's a bit further than you were originally thinking?

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