Syracuse, New York networking. Participation in Upstate NY?

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Good afternoon. 

Just wondering if there is any participation on this site from real estate agents/ investors/ contractors in the Upstate NY region. Have not seen much action from residents in this area on this forum.

There's a bunch of folks in Rochester that I have seen on BP. Can't say I've seen any Syracuse folks though. If I were closer, I'd be very interested in the 'cuse. Went to college up there and I always thought there would be a lot of opportunity up there. Good luck finding folks to network with!

I'm in Liverpool. LookIng to buy my first two properties this summer to hold long term. Also looking for a sponsoring broker and other partners/connections.

I'm in the Syracuse market. :)

Hi @Daniel Ringwald , I have some property in the cuse but am currently living on the west coast. Happy to share my realtor info (my wife's aunt) if you are looking for an agent. Also happy to provide any insight I have. Did you look at the triplex @ 700 vine? Right in your backyard. Have not been through it so not sure but could be good cashflow if you buy it right.

- will

@Will Chamberlin I hope all is well out west. I drive by it today and seems like it could be a good opportunity. I really appreciate the heads up.

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