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I'm looking to start building my team. I've located a property that has flipping potential. I was wondering if anyone on here has any referrals they can shoot me for working in this area. The property is specifically located in Mount Kisco. The most important and first step for me would be finding an investor friendly real estate agent and go from there.

Thanks in advance.

welcome to BP. My name is chris and i would love to help in anyway possible as an agent i can help in finding your home investment needs. I also know plenty of contractors and investors that can help as well. let me know 

Hi Jeremy,

It has been a few months since this post was active, but just came across it now. I am born and raised in the Westchester area and am currently building my team/business as well. In general, Westchester is one of those high end markets that makes the cost of involvement higher than average (taxes are amongst the highest in the country). Mt Kisco is a beautiful town in Westchester and is a great area to invest in. Did you have any luck with the property you were analyzing at the time of this post? Has your team been growing with reliable and trustworthy contractors?

Hope things have been working out well for you so far! If you would like, send me a message and perhaps we can help each other along this journey with contractor/agent recommendations and so on.

Account Closed - Just saw your post about the 3-unit in Bed-Stuy.  Congrats! Looks like your determination and patience have paid off.

Hey Andrew,

Congrats on the 3-Fam.  If you need any help with this project, let me know.  I have been a contractors for the past 20 years and have a lot of great subs I would recommend.

Good luck!

@Brian Hyla would your subs be in westchester area? I'm looking for reliable contractors/handymen as well.

Thank you in advance.

Absolutely. Let me know what you need and I can send you some recommendations 

Hello @Brian Hyla , I sent you a message. Let me know your thoughts.

Best regards,


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