Bronx Meetup - July 30th 2015

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This is a networking opportunity for anyone looking to invest in the Bronx, NY which may include people from Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, or Brooklyn.

There will be a Bronx REI Meetup this upcoming Thursday July 30th, 2015 at Billy's Sports Bar near Yankee Stadium at 6:30 pm.

If you are interested please find the Bronx Real Estate Network on  I have no affiliation with this association other than attending the event.

Hi Angel, I'll be there. See you Thursday night.

Any other meetups in the Bronx of lower westchester since this one?

Will be in attendance. Definitely looking to network and receive some help on some properties.

Hi @Hanan K.

It looks like the next meetup I was told in another post in the Bronx is in the same location

March 31 at Billy's sports bar

Located 161st Between Jerome and Gerard. I think it starts at 6. 

Im interested in attending, hope to see you there.

Thanks so much @Elvin Garcia

I'm just curious how to find out when future meetups are scheduled. 

I did multiple searches and did not come up with this one.

This post has been removed.

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