Upcoming REI Meeting- Binghamton / Southern Tier NY

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Hello again BP. 

I'm posting to announce the next meeting of the Southern Tier REI club. Our club meets at the Vestal library the 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:30. 

Next meeting is: 

September 22nd @ Vestal Library, Vestal NY; at 6:30 PM. Meetings typically wrap up by 8:00. 

This month's speaker will be discussing the City of Binghamton's funding that exists to support investors providing affordable housing. 

Our meetings are open to both new and experienced investors. 

Surrounding areas that may be interested in attending are: Binghamton, Ithaca NY, Syracuse, Elmira, Corning, Norwich, Oneonta NY, and Scranton PA. 

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UPDATE: As of Jan 2018- OUR REI Meetings are now the 4th Wednesday of the month from 6-830pm at the Spot Restaurant in Binghamton. Please see my post at the bottom of this thread, or message me with your email and I can add you to the email list!

Hello Investors!

Some changes to our Real Estate Investors club, servicing Binghamton, Oneonta, Vestal, Elmira, and the Southern Tier. 

We are meeting Tomorrow, Tuesday the 17th at 6:30 PM. December's meeting will be on the 15th.

Our New Meeting Location is:

Brothers 2 Restaurant

    Address: 2901 Watson Blvd, Endwell, NY 13760 Phone:(607) 785-5550

On the agenda tomorrow:

FREE MONEY- for insulating your homes, business, or rental properties. Our guest speaker, is Dave Currie- an expert in heating and insulation needs in the Southern Tier. Dave educates property owners about free money available from NY to help cover some or all of the cost of insulating your property against the elements. Not only can you have the cost paid for by NY, but doing so can save you thousands of dollars if you cover your tenants heating bills. Make sure to come for this one!

As always- our mission is to help real estate investors network with other investors and those from the community that can help them grow their businesses. Please forward this invitation to anyone you know who invests in Real Estate, or who would like to learn more on how to be successful!

See you tomorrow!

I hope that you had a very fantastic holiday season. Now that we're into a New Year, it's time to get serious about building your Real Estate Investing business. The best way to do this- our Southern Tier REI club meetings of course!

Please mark your calendar- our meetings are going back to the 4th Tuesday of every month. We Meet at the Brother's 2 Restaurant in Endwell NY at 6:30.

January's Meeting: Tuesday, January 26th.

REAL ESTATE MATH: how do know exactly what to offer on that rehab house, or how much cash flow that rental property will generate? This is your chance to kick up your real estate investing a notch. This is a must come for anyone newer and learning about Real Estate. You can't be a successful investor without knowing your basic math. 

TBA: We may have a 2nd guest speaker- we can let you know the topic once a second speaker is confirmed.


Did you enjoy the cash flow board game we played at last month's meeting? If you are new to RE investing, and would like to sharpen your skills, this game is hands down some of the best practice you'll find.

One of our members, Bob White, expressed interest in creating a sub group, giving us the opportunity to play and practice investing outside of the normal meetings.

If you're interested to play, please shoot Bob a message request: @Robert White


Binghamton, Norwich, Oneonta, Painted Post, Elmira, Corning, Ithaca, Cortland, Owego, Scranton, Syracuse

Hey, I googled the Sourthern Tier REI Club and couldn't find anything! Are you still meeting? How can I get more info?

@Stephanie Jacobson ,

Welcome back to the Southern Tier! I saw another post you had about moving back into the area. Yes, we are still meeting the 4th Tuesday of every month ar Brother's 2 Restaurant, on Watson Boulevard in Endwell NY. 

Our meetings have grown substantially in the last year, and we've been seeing upward of 30 members at our most recent meetings. There's quite a range of experience in the group, from those working on their first properties, to others that own over 100 units. We actually have a number of members that come from Waverly/ Elmira area. You may also wish to connect with @Andrew J. , @Hedy Hou , and @Harriet Baldwin

Our meetings start at 6pm for dinner and networking time, with the speaker portion of the meeting at 7pm.  Most people usually arrive at least by 6:30 to  get to know other investors. If you'd like to bring guests, they're absolutely welcome- whether they're investors, or provide direct services to real estate investors. 

I'll connect with you on a personal connection, shoot me your email when you have the chance, and I'll add you to the email list!


Chris Stanis

Affordable Housing Provider; President of Southern Tier Real Estate Investors Association

I forgot to add, Upcoming REI meetings for 2016 are:

May 24th

June 28th

July 26th

August 23rd...... 

Investors from Binghamton, Elmira, Ithaca, Cortland, Oneonta, Scranton, and Syracuse often attend!

Continuing on with Sept 27, Oct 25, Nov. ?? Dec ??

Hi, everyone... Does the Southern Tier REI Club still meet the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Brother's 2 Restaurant at 6pm? I'm hoping you might be willing to tolerate a little more company.

@Neil Palmquist yes- we are still meeting the 4th Tuesday of the month. The Brother's 2 Restaurant closed its doors in February, so our location this month is at 138 Front St, Binghamton- at a venue called "The Hive". We may have some finger food, and a few take out menus, although it may be a good idea to eat before coming. 

The meeting starts at 6pm for networking time, and 7pm begins the speaker portion of the meeting. My suggestion is to get there earlier than 7 to find parking. If you shoot me a PM with your email I can add you to the group's email list. Thanks!

Hi @Roger Garnett . Thanks for the heads up about creating an event page on BP. It looks like they require an upgrade to Pro Level to post there. Upcoming meetings this year will Be: 

March 28th ;   April 25th

May 23rd   ;    June 27th

July 25th ;    August 22nd

September 26th    ;    October 24th

I'll add a post to this thread if we set a new meeting location. 

Hello Christopher, I have not had the chance to attend one of your meetings yet but I have been following your posts and would like to. I just recently had a baby and it has been hard to get away from him for long periods of time. It would be great to have your meetings posted for the community. Can I help you get the word out?

@Gini Vidal

That would be a big help if you would like to create some community posts for us. I will need to verify our meeting location for next month, I'll shoot you a PM after if you'd like to help us post the event. Thanks!

Sure Chris. Just let me know.

Hi Everyone! 

Is the REI meetup in Binghamton/ Southern Tier still happening? I would love to connect

I would also like to know as well

@Stephanie Jacobson Awesome! Thank you for the fast response. 

I shoot him a message earlier so looking forward to coming to a meeting soon! 

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