Closing Attorney-Buffalo New York

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Hi All-

I'm an out of state investor working on a wholesale deal in Buffalo New York. Does anyone have references for a great closing attorney who will help with both an assignment of contract and a double close?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Bethany, 

I have a great attorney that I have used for both purchase and sale in Buffalo. Feel free to message me if you would like his info and good luck on the deal!

Hello, my name is William and my wife and I would like to start in real estate investing in the near future but are seeking out and researching the insurance and outs of real estate investments. We are only newbies so don't want to rush in and make a major financial mistake. We are investing in a real estate course to in order to become real estate agents. I myself is interested in raw land and land with amenities such as electricity, on site camper/s, sheds and possible permanent port a John's or full bathroom facilities in the future. The vehicle for I will apply this niche is the buy and hold philosophy. I have a few ideas to apply to this and they are as follows: Tent camping and or hunting and possibly fishing, events like small festivals and concerts, photography shoots and  boat and or camper storage. .

 The question I have is that is a permit necessary for any of these possible ventures? If so, which ones and how much would the price likely be? 

          You're contributions to this inquiry are greatly appreciated, my wife and are very proficient researchers and any information we can assist with in pursuing your goals, we would be glad to help.

                   Thank you

                    William and Sarah Burke