Networking in New York

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Hey Mike I host a meet p with my buddy Ronny in Staten Island. We do it once a month every last Saturday of the month. This next one is June 30th from 12 to 2pm. This will be is our 5th meet up and new faces show up everytime. Feel free to come and bring a friend or some by yourself. 

You can also find the info in the Events tab. Any question' don't hesitate to ask. 

Hi Mike, 

Its always great to network, grow connections and see how others approach the same issues.

There is a monthly meetup in Manhattan which myself and others will be attending. Check out the "New York Real Estate Investors morning Meeting" event for more details.

Welcome. Starting out myself and networking as well as sharing knowledge. I will also be at the Morning meet up that @Alex Furini mentioned happening next month. I've gone to it the last three months. Feel free to join.