New landlord tenant laws for 2019

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Does anyone know what the new laws are or how some old laws have changed regarding landlord/tenant issues?

I know that there were some changes recently (june14) but cant seem to get a clear answer on what they are. 

Ultimately I want to put a system in place for evicting a tenant. I hope inwint ever have to. But I want to be prepared in case the need arises.

I'd also like to know if I need to update the lease according to any new changes.

It's very very tenant friendly.  Any system you have in place is most likely now illegal.  It's pretty disheartening.  I just spoke with my attorney this afternoon about it.  The NY Board of Realtors released a guidance document a few weeks ago.  It's on one of the NY threads from the last month in main forums, or you can search the net for it.

Here are two other good summaries of the 2019 law changes: