NYS Rent Relief Program

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Looking for some information on the NYS Rent Relief Program if anyone in New York has gone through this. My wife and i owned a property where the tenant filed for the program stated above. We recently got an email with a W-9 form to fill and send back to them. 

This property is not under a business name (yes some of us don't have an LLC, S Corp etc) and we also file jointly. In filling the W-9 form do we both provide out information on the form or would it be whoever's name is on the properties in the case both of us.

I've reached out to the program and a "landlord specialist" is supposed to get back to me. Its already five days and nothing and its the same the same scripted information you get when you call.



Read the fine print!

If you accept the money you will be agreeing to "just cause" evictions for the next five years, if it's the same program I am aware of.