Charlotte Meetup Follow Up

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First off, thank you Chris T. for organizing the meetup.

It was great meeting such a varied group of people interested in and working in REI.

In order to make it easier to keep in touch, whoever attended yesterday please chime in below. I think most of us would enjoy this being a monthly meetup so speak out on that also.

Finally, Nasar was saying that he would like a little bit more structure to the meeting. Is there a particular topic you would like to cover at the next meetup or some other kind of activity?

Hey guys! Last night was great! I look forward to next time!

Andy DeFruscio

I think we should all introduce each other and say what they do.  As far as a topic maybe we can discuss the power of goal planning, books changed your life, Wholesaling, pre-foreclosures , rehabbing, marketing, etc.  

then maybe start at 7pm-7:15 pm and try not to let it run no longer to 8:15pm. I can talk all nite as you can see but other folks were leaving because we all have life to deal with i.e families, jobs, etc

let me know looking forward to it..

Sorry I was late but I was able to learn a bit in the limited time that I had. I would be open to a monthly meeting.

This sounds awesome!  I didn't go to the meeting (I'm not on here often and I didn't even know it was going to happen) but I think it's great that there is a BiggerPockets meetup in Charlotte. I'd love to go and network a bit at one of them at some point (although I can't say I have much to offer yet, being a newbie) -- even just having a discussion with others on the subject sounds beneficial.

@Bram Spiero  @Nasar Elarabi  @Andy DeFruscio  @Benion Horton  - it was great meeting and getting to talk to you all.  I definitely agree we should keep the ball rolling with the Charlotte Meetups.

Adding a little structure to the meetups I think sounds like a great idea.  Maybe we can at least come up with a general topic for the meetup like Nasar mentioned so everyone knows what we all would be talking about.  Whether you are you are very experienced and have lots to add to the discussion or you are brand new and will just be coming to listen, I think it would add to the experience.  

Right now we don't have a specific time and date for the next meetup, but if we keep the current trend it would be the 3rd Tuesday of November (meeting every other month).  That should be plenty of time for all of us to get this organized.

I wasn't able to make the meeting but I am certainly interested in attending future ones

I will start to go to these meetings if they're monthly.  

Hey guys sorry I missed you last Tuesday.

I hope the turn out was great and look forward to the next one.


Missed it ended up taking Mama to the beach for a few days, looking forward to the next one. Monthly would be great. See some of you tonight at our REIA subgroup in Huntersville!

Hey local Charlotte investors.  Sounds like this was a great meeting.  Has another one been scheduled?  I'd love to attend.

@Cindy Bowman  - We have been meeting every other month on the 3rd Tues of the month which would put the next meetup on Nov. 18th.  Unfortunately, there might be a conflict with the location that we have been meeting.  I am waiting to hear back if the space will be available or not before having anything posted.  If the meeting space is not available we will have to try and find a new location or new date.  Hopefully we can get everything ironed out and have something posted by the end of the week.

@Chris T Thanks so much, I look forward to joining you.

Hoping to make it to the next one!!!

That week I will be on Vacation for the week! See you guys the next one

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Looking forward to seeing you there.

@Nasar Elarabi  I'll send you the cliffnotes :-)

Really looking forward to this meeting! See you all there! 

Hey Guys in there a meet up page for this meeting? I love to connect with other local investors in the Charlotte Market. Look forward to meeting all of you!

@Audrey Truesdale  - Yes, a seperate post is made for each of the Charlotte Meetups.  We have been meeting on the 3rd Tues of every other month.  Our last meetup was in Nov. so be on the look out for the next meetup in Jan.  If you haven't already done so, set a keyword alert for "Charlotte" and you should get a notification anytime Charlotte is mentioned, including the meetup posts.  Hope to see you at the next one!

What was the topic last meeting? 

I would love to attend the meetup as well. Looking to connect and learn more about this industry.

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