Charlotte, NC Meetups?

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Hi All, 

I am currently looking for REI meetups in the Charlotte, NC area. I've found Charlotte REIA and Metrolina REIA - are there any other recommendations out there? Any BP-specific meetups?

Thank you!

I am a member of the Metrolina REIA and also apart of a great local meetup: Hobby Millionare ran by a good friend and seasoned investor Bonnie Laslo. Feel free to reach out to me and I can plug you in with both groups in town I'm here in Charlotte also

@Dave Hurt  - We have been having local meetups here in Charlotte with other BP members every other months for the past year or so.  The next one would be scheduled to happen on Tues. the 17th.  We have been meeting at Dilworth Neighborhood Grille at 7pm.  I am sure we will get an official post up in the next day or two so keep an eye out.  If you have Charlotte set up as a keyword you will get a notification once it is posted.

I have spent time at Both Metrolina and Charlotte REIA and both have similar offerings and i enjoyed them both very much for different reasons.

@Dave Hurt  I would join up with the BP group meeting in dilworth i will check in with you next month as i am travelling the week of the 17th. 


Sky Mikesell

@Audrey Truesdale , @Chris T. , @Sky Mikesell - thank you for the info! I came across an old thread from mid-last year regarding the Dilworth Neighborhood Grille meetup, and was hoping that was still going on.  I'll be there the 17th at 7pm!

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