Recommended insurance agencies?

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Good evening,

Being military, my financial institution of choice is of course USAA. What other insurance companies would you recommend I consider? I have 2x SFR currently (converted primary residences) and have put an offer in on my first deliberate investment SFR.

Thanks in advance,

@Ben H. - I have all three of our rental properties as well as our umbrella insurance through USAA and have no complaints or issues. I don't remember what their limit on rental properties is, but you shouldn't have any issues with adding a third SFR to your policy.

So a little update on my insurance search...

I have had USAA for many years and for the last several years have paid two separate policies to cover property insurance and wind/hail insurance. I just got a quote from a local company for a combined policy that is probably 40% less than the two separate policies. Have I been paying unnecessary premiums for years? (Rhetorical)

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