Any Property Management Recommendations for Wilmington/ Leland?

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Good afternoon!  I wanted to reach out and see if anyone has a good recommendation for a property management company that services Wilmington, NC and the surrounding area.  I was with Intracoastal for years until one of their contractors destroyed a rental of mine,  and then I switched to Network hoping for better service.  However, they are not doing a good job marketing the properties and finding tenants.  I've had two houses in good areas sit vacant for coming up on three months (that previously rented without fail) and the only real prospects they've presented was 1) someone actively going bankrupt for the third time and 2) someone who had terrible credit, no social security number, and didn't meet the income requirements.  I also was not terribly thrilled to find that they had spent about a month trying to list the houses for rent without pictures in the listing.  I've been renting these properties for years, and I've never seen this large of a vacancy and this little interest.

@Rachel De Faut at Sea River Realty has been my RE agent/Broker and property manager in ILM since ~2011. I've been generally pretty happy with her as my property manager. I've occasionally had minor complaints, but less than I've had with other managers, and she's been responsive to my concerns. She's extremely hard-working and definitely knows how to hustle when it's crunch time. Getting a vacancy rented has not been one of my complaints. I can recommend her.

You can find Rachel here on BP, or you can Google her company name.
I hope that helps,

Good luck,


Hi William Murrell - Not sure why my post of last week isn't up, but I'm reaching out again to you here.  Look for me online at Sea River Realty.  I'd be happy to discuss your property. -- Rachel

Thanks, Rachel!  I appreciate your follow up.  I think I was just frustrated with the vacancies; overall they've been pretty good to me.  But I'm definitely going to keep you in mind if we can't get back up to normal vacancy.

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