Looking for a reputable title company in Wilmington, NC

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Hi All,

I'm hoping to make an offer on a property in Wilmington and I'm looking for a reputable title company. I was hoping to get some suggestions from real estate professionals in the area. Thanks in advance! 

While I'm asking, I'd be interested in an A+ Inspector as well

@Chad C. I mainly invest in  Jacksonville, but I've used Fidelity National for my personal and investment properties. 

I highly recommend Branson Pierce of Home Spectors. He gives you a honest and complete by the book inspection.

@Bill F. Awesome many thanks for the suggestions! 

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NC uses Real Estate Attorneys to conduct title research instead of title companies. I don't have any to recommend as this time. Hope this helps. 


@Chad C.   Are you talking about a title company to process the closing?  If so, what you are really looking for is a closing attorney.  NC uses attorneys, not title companies, as JP Hill just mentioned.  Alternatively, are you looking for a title insurance carrier?  Usually, the closing attorney will put this in place for you.

@Dawn A. Thank you! I was surprised to learn of that difference as well, but fortunately Fidelity National pointed me in the right direction. Also I received a few reccomendations for solid attorneys in the area as well which was nice. 

We’ve had to figure a few of these things out along the way as my wife is a broker here so we chose to avoid representation from a broker in NC since we did all the legwork to find the property and set up the showing. The contract was very similar except the surprising and odd due diligence fee that was added in 2011. All that said we’re under contract and excited to move forward. 

Are you still looking for a closing attorney to work with?

I second Home Spectors. Branson and his team are great and easy to work with and give you a solid report.

I’ve had a good experience with Mark Wilson from Hanover Inspection Service. He owns property in the Wilmington area and will give you some good ideas on remodeling, appreciation, etc.

@Trenton Miller - I was given the name of Jeff Porter and I've been happy with his team so far

@Richard White and @Bill F. - I did go with Home Spectors and I'll be meeting with Branson this week, much appreciated! 

Tiago Title is the cheapest (I've found) at $450. They're attorneys and include the insurance also. National Property Inspectors are only $250.

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