Questions about finding and utilizing wholesalers and brokers.

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Hey folks!

I am about to (hopefully) close on my first completed flip on June 17. Super excited. Will have a nice Net at the end of it all. Really help increase my working capital.  

Now that I am wrapping that up I will have the capital to move forward with more than one deal at once now.  I have people I work with in the Winston Salem area  and Caldwell county area. Had someone in Wilkes County (which I really like) but he flaked on me after I had to walk away from a deal that wouldn't have worked for me.

I am trying to figure out the best ways to find brokers or wholesalers around me. I am up in Boone so there is no REIA. I work about 75 hours a week running a restaurant... so getting to REIA in other areas is also tough for me generally. I am kind of stuck because I want to hit the ground running once this property closes but am kind of at a loss as to how to gain more people in my team.

Looking for any recommendations or advice? 

Thank you so much! :)

I would check out Facebook for some groups and set up alerts here on BP so you can get stuff while it's hot! And if you decide you want to buy in Cabarrus or Rowan county, now you have me :)

Good luck!!

@Nick C. Man, I got so lucky on this first one.  Had been looking at listed properties with my realtor in that area. She is great. Lots of investor experience.  She ended up having a friend of a friend that needed to get out from under their mortgage.  Paid $65k, put in 30k in rehab, hopefully closing at 170k on June 17th.  All said and done, net profit will hover somewhere around $50k.  So. That is amazing. It will really help me start moving forward more quickly now.  So, as always, it was an off market grab. I got very lucky. My realtor called me first. But I need to expand my network SO much to keep finding off market deals!

@Brian H. Hi! I collect probate leads for counties in North Carolina. What counties are you interested in? These are leads I pull myself in person at the courthouse for each county. Unlike leads you can order online from a generic website, I can guarantee that the leads I pull are fresh (60 days or less), off market, and I use a ranking system to determine which sellers are most motivated based off of factors such as the executor of the property living in a different state and the amount of siblings the house has been inherited by. These are facts found in the records that are not included in other probate ordering systems.