Real Estate License in North Carolina

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Hi all,

Looking to get my provisional broker's license in NC in the next few months.  I already have my license in the state of Michigan, so I'm hoping that will allow me to opt out of the 75 hour classroom requirement in NC.  I was wondering, are there any books, online classes, I could use to help me study for the NC test?  What would you recommend?


I would recommend you buy the actual text even if you're able to opt out of the class. I haven't found many online resources specific to NC. There's a practice test at NCREC I believe and a syllabus of topics covered on the exam.

Hi @Dillon McGough - I'm sure you have found the requirements for an applicant who holds a current real estate license in another state (or U.S. territory or Canadian jurisdiction) that has been on active status within the previous three (3) years and that is equivalent to NC's provisional or "full" broker license, but here are the requirements again for reference - directly from the NC Real Estate Commission. 

That link will provide you with the majority of the information you'll need, including the STATE SECTION STUDY GUIDELINES which outlines the state exam and provides some material you can purchase for studying. 

Dillon, are you a full broker in Michigan? If not, are you eligible? It might be easier to get that and then transfer. I would call the Real Estate Commission here in NC first and just ask. Normally you can get someone on the phone in a few minutes. 

@Levi Bennett @Eric Weireter @Robert Ombres Thank you all for the responses.  I was confused about my options, but now I have a bit more clarity.  I called the commission and am waiting for a call back.  I may be completely off here, but from what I'm reading, I can opt-out of having to take the exam and just receive my provisional broker's license if I already have the equivalent in another state?  Obviously this will not allow for me to opt-out of the CE needed to cut the provisional off the title, but I would not even have to take the exam?

@Dillon McGough - You're doing the right thing by calling NC Real Estate Commission. 

Based on the link I provided, you are partially correct. You can opt out of taking the state exam, but you would then have to complete the 90 hours of post-licensing class to drop the "provisional" status.

Just to clarify - post licensing is different than CE... post licensing consists of three 30 hour classes (special topics, contracts & closings, broker responsibilities). At the time I took post licensing you could only enroll in one class at a time, though I think the rules may have changed within the past year that may allow you to overlap classes.

CE is your annual continued education that consists of two 4 hour classes per year (when I was a new licensee, they didn't require us to take CE until 1 year after becoming licensed).

I just want you to be able to make an informed decision re: post-licensing class requirements if you opt out of taking the state exam.

@Eric Weireter thank you again, Eric.  You have been very helpful.  Does this mean that if I opted to take the exam and passed, that I would skip the provisional stage and just become a broker?  If I have to go through the provisional stage, I don't see a reason for me to take the exam unless I were to be able to skip the provisional stage by passing, if that makes sense?

@Dillon McGough - I understand what you are saying... and those are good questions. I do not know the exact answer and would rather not speculate. I think posing the same scenario to NCREC would be your best option. 

I do know a factor of this depends on the equivalency of your MI license compared to NC standards. Again, that's something NCREC will determine. 

@Dillon McGough Your choices are:

waive the 75-hour North Carolina Broker Prelicensing Course as well as the National section of the North Carolina real estate license examination AND


pass the State section of the examination and be issued a NC real estate broker license in a status equivalent to the status in the other jurisdiction


waive the State section of the examination, be issued a NC real estate broker license on provisional status, and be subject to the NC's post-licensing education requirement.

**Pro Tip: If you've never done business in a different State, get ready to be surprised by the large number of things that are done differently! You'll need to be up to speed in NC on how DD and EMD work, the impact of the 14 day cushion on the 2-T, the MOG disclosure, and the list goes on...

@Adam Schneider thanks for the reply! I do want to get up to speed as soon as possible, so I'm hoping the 90 hours of post licensing education will cover a lot of what you mentioned.  Also hoping that the broker I decide to work under is willing to guide me through some of these points. 

@Robert Ombres thank you! you are correct on the three 30 hour post licensing classes.  I can only opt out of taking the exam.

@Eric Weireter thanks again for your help!  I've been in touch with the commission.  Just planning on opting out of the exam and moving forward with the three 30 hour post licensing courses to get rid of my provisional status.