Investing in Hendersonville, NC?

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Hi everyone,

Curious to know if anyone has information or has had experience in investing in Hendersonville, North Carolina. I have an Uncle who lives in Asheville and says there are some great opportunities there. Thanks yall!

Absolutely. I have 3 duplexes in Hendersonville. Feel free to connect and send me a message. I am still looking to buy more. It's difficult to find good deals on the MLS but there are are occasional deals. In general, the area is great and the prices are still better than Asheville, where I believe the prices are getting inflated.

I just bought an investment property in Asheville and hope to list it for lease next month. So while I have nothing to share quite yet, I have heard that the area is growing very quickly.

I have a SFR that I rent out in Asheville that is doing great and am currently looking for more opportunities here in Hendersonville (my home town!) now that I'm back. Next round of funds is currently set aside for a personal home for my lady and I, though. Agreed with @Ryan Howell , MLS is slim pickings (although things still can be found) at present.

I am actually thinking of maybe moving here. So I suppose it could count as an investment of sorts, which is why I am chiming in on this thread.