Raleigh vs Winston-Salem vs Charlotte

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There are some other parameters that would be helpful. Price point, what do you consider good cash flow, how are you going to purchase, BRRRRRR -RR?  live in ect. 

In general I am looking in the Greensboro- Winston area now. I had to expand my area since competition is stiff in Raleigh.

@Roseann DeRosa as @Chad W. mentioned, you have not provided much details so its really hard to suggest much. Every investor is different. Everyone has different level of comfort and different strategies works for different people.

In general, Raleigh is getting hard to get a good cashflow and prices are pretty high. You really have to go further out in order to get something more affordable. On the other hand the further out you go, the less likely is your property to appreciate and the less likely is your rent to rise and harder to rent.

I personally like to invest close to where i live and where i work because i know those areas pretty well and i don't want to be driving 2 hours to check on the properties.

It also depends how much you want to be involved. Do you just want to buy something that cashflow, find a property manager and let them do the job or you want to try to mange the property yourself and keep bigger chunk of the profits?

It's really easy to get lots of information about properties online so i would suggest use those resources to find and analyze deals and then figure out what you are comfortable with. Your price range will likely drive where you can afford to invest. Then find a local realtor in that area who works with investors and let them help you find what you are looking for.

But untimely it is your job to figure out what you want.

I try not to tell people what to do, but provide some feedback to let them make a more educated decision.

@Roseann DeRosa - Interesting that you left out Greensboro which I think is the best of these cities.

Raleigh and Charlotte are more expensive than Greensboro and deals are harder to come by. Winston is smaller than Greensboro and has more rural areas.

Question is a bit vague but good luck to you!