Charlotte Wholesale Market

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Hi all,

I am curious to know the status of the Charlotte Wholesaling market. I am about to jump into starting my wholesaling business in Charlotte and know that the competition is fairly high. I want to ensure that I will not be spinning my wheels in such a tough market by starting solo. Looking to hear back on what everyone knows about the market!

@Ian Kurela

Yup, there are a ton of wholesalers in Charlotte, but that's true pretty much everywhere!

Check out some of the local groups including Charlotte Deal Maker Session to meet-up with other wholesalers and get a great idea of what's going on there. I'm sure it's easier to find deals in the surrounding areas than in Charlotte proper, but someone is getting those deals so it might as well be you!

Good luck to you.

@Ian Kurela charlotte market is a great market to invest in.  Any city or state that you go to there will always be competition.  

having the right systems in place and a great game plan are very important 

if you ever have any questions feel free to PM me.  Best of luck with everything.