Hard money/Equity Lender in Cumberland/Hoke/Robenson County?

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I got advice from another thread to look for this type of loan based on my situation. 

The property I want to buy cost $38k. I have 30k cash.  I would need an 8k loan, which I could payback in 6 months.

*My credit score is a 502, only because I have no credit history at all.  

*I've been working for 6 years at the same company. 

*I have no expenses other than rent, which I wouldn't have if I get a loan to buy the house. 

I could easily payback the loan, but it's difficult to save it up now, because of the rent and utilities I have to pay. It took me six years to save up the 30k. 8k would take about 2 more years with me still having to pay rent.