Rental Prices by NC Zip Code

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Hi everyone - looking for help on where I can download the NC rental prices by zip code?  Zillow stopped publishing and trying to find a reliable substitute.

Example: 27513 $0.90, 27602 $0.89, 27614 $0.88

Try The Zillow zip code method is way too broad to cover the diversity within zip code regions in most of NC. 

27602. Fake data. This is a PO zip code. Please catch a clue. I have property in 27614. Massive diversity in this zip code, $600/mth to $6000/mth. Use neighborhood data. I had property in 27513... cheap property off Evans Rd., sold it long ago. Again. $750 to $15000 in the zip. Zip code is the wrong answer... that's why Zillow gave up. When I was in the area (a long time ago) they were the laughing stock of misinformation. 

@Chris Martin thanks for the help Chris! I have RentOMeter - can’t get a full download with large sample you know how? I have Pro acct.

I will checkout Thank you.

The examples I posted - all fake data - made it up as way to show what I was trying to find....ooops! Yet I do see your point in variation with Zillow.

Thanks again!