King's Mountain, Crowder's Mountain, Grover, and Archdale NC

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Hello BP!

Looking to engage in some discussions with fellow BPer's about these markets as the crazy market in Charlotte (and across the U.S.) has me considering options nearby but not too pricey. I have been following the Hall Analysis of the Gastonia market that Josh Stack has been putting on and it has been enjoyable to follow. Gastonia is starting to get quite pricey and while I don't think I would be buying in at the top of the market, I would certainly be buying in at a premium. And that is where I landed on the King's Mountain, Crowder's Mountain, Grover, and Archdale NC markets. My strategy here would likely be to buy and use as an AirBnB. These markets offer hiking, nature, golfing, and the future Two King's Casino. Something close to the mountains and the casino (Archdale area) would be highest in demand in my opinion.

Does anyone have any experience over there in that market? Would love to hear your thoughts and see if I am looking at the area in the wrong lens. I have been to Crowder's Mountain a handful of times but no further time spent around there. It is certainly a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of Charlotte.



Any real estate agents or realtors in the King's Mountain, Crowder's Mountain, Grover, and Archdale NC markets? or in the Gastonia or Blacksburg, SC markets? Just looking to chat with fellow investors in the area.


@Jerry Mical

Hey Jerry, I definitely agree with your analysis it’s getting more difficult in Gastonia. I work in Shelby and see potential there as some big manufacturers are moving in or doubling in size.

Kings Mountain has always interested me as on the surface it’s a sleepy little town but it’s location suggests it will be hot in the coming years. Would be happy to talk more!